New Batches of all courses commence January/July of every year.


Vastu Institute in Delhi

Vastu shastra is one of the most important and highly ranked study amongst human beings. Now a days, many people go for vastu shastra to achieve peace, prosperity and happiness before constructing a house, hotel, factory, office, clinic, hospital, restaurant, temple etc. The basic five elements in vastu shastra are as follows-

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space
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Palmistry Institute in Delhi

It is believed that Palmistry originated in India over 3,000 years ago. Palmistry is the practice of interpreting someone's character and future by examining the palm of one's hand. It is also referred to as Hast Samudrik Shastra which literally means the ocean of knowledge of the palm. AHSAS, is a leading palmistry institute in Delhi. We at AHSAS offer various courses to our pupils. Our faculty members comprise of highly trained and talented professionals, engaged in innovating students as experts in the domain of palmistry. During this course, you will be taught how to read fundamentals of the hands, how to predict future etc. Our aim is to prepare you as meaningful and creative palm reader. The students are facilitated course books along with the study material. We conduct our palmistry classes in Delhi only and our course is most updated course with upto date knowledge as available worldwide and includes recent researches done by various scholars of Palmistry.

In palmistry, or palm reading, you will be introduced to various topics such as :

  1. Introduction to hand
  2. The types of hand
  3. The study of the mounts
  4. The significance of lines
  5. Time factor on the hand

AHSAS, the leading Palmistry Institute in Delhi offers Certificate Courses in Palmistry of six months. Interested students can get registered as new batches start in the month of January & July every year.

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Astrology Institute in Delhi

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest form of knowledge for peeping into the future. AHSAS is one of the best Astrology Institute in Delhi, is established with the aim of imparting systematic education in various disciplines of astrology. We at AHSAS offer wide range of courses to all our learners that will help even a layman to become an expert in astrology. All our courses are well designed and have been prepared by the professionals with in-depth knowledge and vast experience in astrology. We are listed among the best astrology schools and offer courses that are within everyone's reach. Our teaching methods are innovative, not theory based only.

Duration of Courses

We provide Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses in Astrology.

Six month course - Certificate in ASTROLOGY; Comprising three papers in all
Six months course - Diploma in ASTROLOGY; Comprising three papers in all

AHSAS, one of the best astrology institute in Delhi offers an Advance Diploma in Astrology to the students after completing their Diploma course, where by students specialize in marriage counseling, profession determination, medical astrology etc.Minimum qualification for this course is 10th standard or an equivalent examination. Pupils can opt for any medium (Hindi or English) as per their choice. We also facilitate books on Astrology and conduct monthly tests. Students are also provided with assignments and notes which is beneficial for their examinations. Interested students may register their names for new batches soon to avoid harassment.

AHSAS faculty has some of the well renowned astrologers in Delhi. Our astrologers believe in guiding people in the best possible way to achieve success in life. Our astrologers have expertise sorting out problems of love, career, marriage, education, child birth etc. They believe in suggesting very effective,simple, practical remedies to all needy clients to improve their life style and ride the horse of their luck at a rapid speed. Our astrologers do not perform any 'tantrik kriyas' as they simply believes in 'poojas and vedic remedies, gems and psychological & spiritual healing'.

Our motto is to provide best consultation with remedial measures throughout India. Our astrologers also make you aware of the upcoming dangers, diseases, situations and challenges that you face in your life. We have a team of best astrologers in Delhi India. If you are going through any problem, visit us at AHSAS and consult our astrologers who will guide you in a proper way. We also offer various diploma and certificate courses for astrology, palmistry, vastu, tarot, face reading and numerology etc. Interested students may visit us.

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Numerology Institute in Delhi

Numerology is believed to have originated by a Greek mathematician by the name of Pythagoras. It is a science based on numbers and incidents in life. Most people in the world are great followers and believers of this science. We, at AHSAS India as the best numerology institute offer course in numerology. We have been teaching people the science of numerology since years. Our expert teachers help students interested to learn this form of predicting future with greater practicals then theory. The course includes some brain storming sessions with our founding fathers and leading numerologists in Delhi and NCR.

This course would enable you to understand the basics and origin of numerology and equip you with the skills to predict and read future just by looking at the numbers. We are regarded as the best numerology institute in Delhi and we deliver the same in our numerology and other offered courses. Our course in numerology include the following-

  • Significance of Basic numbers
  • Basic Numbers / Compound Numbers / Master numbers & Karmic numbers
  • Intensity of each number in a chart, temperamental delineation
  • Challenge numbers / Pinnacle numbers, personal year, event number
  • Preparation of charts of individual (year wise) to check the events in the past & in the coming years
  • Significance of all the alphabets (A to Z) with their related number
  • Match-making through numbers (Talent Numbers)
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