New Batches of all courses commence January/July of every year.


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The examinations will be held in June & December of every year and normally will commence on the third week of June and December respectively.


Paper Code Title of the Paper Max. Marks
AS-01 General Astrology 100
AS-02 Vimshottari Dasas & Aspects 100
AS-03 Predictive Astrology 100


  • Introduction to Astrology.
  • Astrology Karma Theory & Psychology.
  • Astronomy as related to Astrology.
  • Calculation of Ascendant, Houses, Planetary Longitude as per Placidus system of House Division.
  • Study of Panchanga & Ephemeris.
  • Retrogression & Combustion of Planets.


  • Calculation of Vishottari Dasa and Antar Dasa
  • Planetory Aspects explained.
  • Dynamic Configuration of Aspects.
  • General Muhurtha (Elementary).


  • Study of Planets including Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.
  • Study of Signs (Rasis) and Houses.
  • Study of Triplicity, Quadruplicity & Polarity.
  • Various Planets in sign & Houses (self study from material).
  • Planetary Yogas.
  • Medical Astrology relevant to Planets, Signs & Houses.

  • The examination of JYOTISH VIGYA is usually held in last week of June & December every year respectively.
    Fee details:-
    Admission fee Rs.500/-
    Course fee (including allumini fee) Rs.7000/-
    Examination fee Rs.300/-

    Syllabus of Jyotish Ratan (Diploma in Astrology)

    Paper Code Title of the Paper Max. Marks
    AS-04 Predictive Techniques 100
    AS-05 Dasas, Transits & Solar Arc Directionsy 100
    AS-06 Horary Astrology 100


    • Principles of Horoscopic Judgement.
    • Dynamic Configuration of Horoscope.
    • Study of Physical Appearance, Character, Mentality, Finance, Progeny, Occupation, Longevity & other life issues.
    • Marriage & Elementary Match Making.


    • Study of Planetory Transits.
    • Study of Vimshottari Dasa as affected by transits.
    • Study of Solar Arc Directions.
    • Good & Bad Dasas as per Laghu Parashari.
    • Transformations as brought about by Dasas and Transits in a person's life.

    HORARY ASTROLOGY (iz'u T;ksfr"k) (Paper Code AS - 06)

    • Horary Questions regarding various Aspects of Life.
    JYOTISH Ratan

    Introduction to the Hand

    An introduction to various sections of the hand

    Colour, Skin Texture, Consistency & Flexibility of the Hand

    The types of the Hand

    The Fingers

    • Jupiter finger, Saturn finger, Sun finger & Mercury finger. Leaning, bending & spacing between the fingers, long, short, low, high, even & arched setting of the fingers

    The Thumb

    • The small or big thumb, high set or low set thumb, phalanges of the thumb

    The Nails

    • Various types of nail -broad, narrow, short, long, square, thin & thick nails

    The study of the Mounts

    • Developed mounts, deficient & poor mounts, flat mounts, apices of the mounts
    • Significance of various Mounts - Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

    The significance of Lines

    • The character, defects and repair of lines

    Time factor on the Hand
    Important Lines on the Hand

    • The Life Line
    • The Head Line
    • The Heart Line
    • The Fate Line
    • The Sun Line
    • The Mars Line
    • Girdle of Venus
    • The Line of Affection or Marriage
    • The Line of Via Lasciva
    • The Line of Intuition
    • The Simian Line
    • The Line of Travel
    • The Line of Venus
    • The Bracelets
    • The Ring of Solomen
    • The Ring of Saturn
    • The Ring of Apollo
    JYOTISH Ratan

    • Ridge Pattern on Finger Tips & and the Palm
    • Various Ridge Markings on the Palm
    • Medical Palmistry
    • Psychological Traits as seen in the Palm
    • Hands in Various Professions
    • Match making from the Palm

    Introduction to Numerology

    • Origin and Preliminaries of Numerology
    • Contribution of Pythagoras and Cheiro Numerology
    • Basic Numbers (1 to 9) allotted to different Planets and Alphabets
    • Significance of Basic Numbers
    • Basic Numbers / Compound Numbers / Master Numbers & Karmic Numbers
    • Destiny Numbers, Talent Numbers, Heart Numbers, Personality Numbers, Maturity Numbers, Ultimate Numbers
    • Intensity of each Number in a chart, temperamental delineation
    • Birth force period
    • Challenge Numbers / Pinnacle Numbers, Personal Year & Event Numbers
    • Preparation of charts of individual (year wise) to check the events in the past & in the coming years
    • Significance of all the alphabets (A to Z) with their related Numbers
    • Match-making through Numbers (Talent Numbers)

    Numerology by Cheiro

    • Basic Numbers (1 to 9) allotted to different planets
    • Basic Numbers allotted to the alphabets (A to Z)
    • Significance of the basic Numbers & compound Numbers
    • Checking of health of the individuals and related remedies

    Basic Vastu

    • What is Vastu and Vastu as related to Astrology & Karma
    • Directions and their lords and significance of directions.
    • Adaptation & harvesting of various energies and forces prevalent in nature

    Applied Vastu

    • Space Orientation in Vastu
    • Assessment of site & soil
    • Areas to be constructed , staircase etc.
    • Main entrance and secondary openings
    • Overhead tanks, bore well, septic tanks, lavatory, toilets & drainage system
    • Commercial Vastu
    • Interior decoration as per the Vedic Rasas
    • Colour therapy and Gem therapy in Vastu
    • Trees and plants, our interaction with nature
    • Remedies including Vastu Yantras

    • Introduction to Tarot
    • The History of Tarot
    • The structure of Tarot
      • The Major Arcana
      • The Minor Arcana
      • Numerology & Tarot
      • Astrology & Tarot
    • Choosing Your Deck
    • Keeping & Handling Your Cards
    • Preparing For A Reading
    • Card Spreads
    • Choosing The Spread
    • Shuffling & Selecting the Cards
    • Laying Out The Cards
    • Interpreting The Spread
    • Some Words Of Advice
    • The Meaning Of Cards In Major Arcana
    • The Meaning Of Cards In Minor Arcana
    • Synthesis of The Whole Study

    • Introduction to Face Reading - An introduction to various sections of the Face
    • Division of the Face (Vertical & Horizontal Division)
    • Face Similar to Birds & Animals
    • Hair Texture, Colour & Thickness etc.
    • Forehead Shapes & Lines on Forehead
    • The Eyebrows & Eyelashes
      • Height and Structure of brow bones and division of eyebrows, division of eyelashes
    • The Eyes
      • Windows to one's soul & secrets, eye spacing and significance of various types of eyes
    • The Nose
      • Importance of Nose and significance of various types of Nose
    • The Ears
      • Ear indications, position of the ears, various sizes & shapes of Ears, Importance of Helix, Conch & Lobes
    • The Philtrum
      • Role of Philtrum and types of Philtrum
    • The Lips, Teeth & Tongue
      • The size & types of Lips, significance of Teeth & Tongue
    • The Cheeks,  Cheekbones & Jaw
      • The types of cheeks and significance of cheekbones, division & significance of Jaw
    • The Chin
      • The role & division of Chin
    • The Beard & Moustache
      • Various shapes of Beard, colours of the Beard & Moustache
    • The Neck & Throat
      • Types of Neck & Throat
    face reading